Edinpharm AGM 2020

Published November 13, 2020

Edinpharm AGM 2020

Despite the unprecedented events surrounding the pandemic, Edinpharm is pleased to announce it has gone from strength to strength since 2019.

Since introducing a new model in July 2019, Edinpharm has successfully grown it’s membership base to over 200 members and counting and continues to provide exceptionally competitive pricing to each member.

We recently held our AGM, which was a bit different this year. With current travel and socialising restrictions we opted to hold the meeting via a video conference. This had the benefit of removing the need to travel to the central belt of Scotland and many members from further afield were able to attend.

Our Suppliers

These are Edinpharm’s principle suppliers. However, we have relationships with many more pharmaceutical suppliers to cover all of our members’ requirements.

What our members think