Member Event 2022

Published February 25, 2022

Saturday 29th January saw our second ever Edinpharm member event take place for members. The event was headlined by Medpoint Robotics and supported by several other key partners to Edinpharm.

COVID…Storms…and general workplace pressures saw us have a few people less on the day, but Edinpharm was still represented by just shy of 100 pharmacies across the membership.

The day allowed members and partner suppliers to chat freely about products and services in an informal environment, whilst also learning of future features and product roadmaps from various partners. What struck most about the day was the valuable conversations happening between members on the COVID impact, general pressures, and the sharing of new ideas. This in itself holds a serious amount of value for members.

There were presentations from the partner supplier over the afternoon and for those members that couldn’t make it on the day, these are now available to view on the Edinpharm member platform.

The evening was one of social chat, and letting our hair down with a nice meal and a few drinks into the early hours. Again, this is a valuable part of people being able to share experience, chat about some of the things seen during the day, and generally just a chance to chill out a bit after a tough couple of years in pharmacy.

The event has been deemed a success, so much so we are now looking ahead to having a return event later in the year, and possibly taking it on the road to Northern Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

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These are Edinpharm’s principle suppliers. However, we have relationships with many more pharmaceutical suppliers to cover all of our members’ requirements.

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