2. New Contract Services

ROA – New Contract Services 2.1 Minor Ailments Service 2.1.1. eMAS SOP 2.2. Chronic Medication Service 2.2.1. CMS SOP 2.2.2. CMS serial dispensing SOP 2.2.3 CMS Resources CMS – Medicines review form CMS Serial prescription form Lithium support tool Methotrexate support tool Warfarin support tool Serial Rx leaflet 2.3. PHS Resources 2.3.1. EHC SOP 2.3.2.

1. General Operations

1.1 Responsible Pharmacist: 1.1.1. Responsible pharmacist SOP – Pharmsmart Early working sign in template – locum Early working sign in template – managers RP notice 1.2 Sale of Medicines: 1.2. Sale of medicines SOP 1.3 PVG: 1.3.1. Confidentiality, consent and child protection SOP 1.3.2. Safeguarding vulnerable groups – NPA – May 2012 1.4 Returned Medicines:

HR Forms

Human Resources Forms & Guides General HR forms: Absence & attendance example Absence & attendance Employee confidentiality agreement Dec 2020 Risk assess for provisional reg Appraisal Forms & Templates: Counter assistant – appraisal form GROW & SWOT model – employee Appraisal review notes Personal development checklist Mental health questionnaire Contract Templates: Support staff contract Pharmacist



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If you would like to grant access to the Edinpharm Member Area to an additional person within your business, please complete the below. The Pharmacy name should match exactly the name that is already used in the member area, in order for the new user to be able to view other users within the same

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Special Offers

Current Special Offers For details of our ongoing offers please refer to the supplier page.

Over the Counter

Over the Counter Pharmacy First Approved List On the 30th of November 2022 the OTC price list will be discontinued. Generic lines currently featured on the list will be moved to the main Generic Pricing page, some of the brands will be moved to our PI Pricing page. Any other lines will fall to our

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