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AAH provide a full range of medical products

Coolmed Limited

Edinpharm Partnered Supplier for medical fridges Main Contact Contact: Matt Thornton Phone: 07706 359 774 Email: mattthornton@coolmed.co.uk Website: www.coolmed.co.uk Order Enquiries: sales@coolmed.co.uk Order Enquiries by phone: 0161 7725 666 Resources: Please see brochure Introducing CoolMed Edinpharm Offer: Watch out for further details of an Edinpharm specific link to the Coolmed website to view discounted pricing and


Edinpharm Partnered Supplier for Prescription Collection Point Machines Main Contact Contact: Gill Collins Phone: 0750 691 3020 Email: gill.collins@medpointuk.com Secondary Contact Contact: Richard Morgan-Green Phone: 0753 586 3409 Email: richard@medpointuk.com Website: www.medpoint.com Order Enquiries: sales@medpointuk.com Order Enquiries by phone: 0203 991 0251 Brochures: Product_Overview SOLO Datasheet i-series Datasheet Edinpharm Offer: 10% Discount on MedPoint machine purchases, preferential support


Edinpharm Partnered Supplier for Digital Pharmacy Management: Repeat Prescriptions, Appointment Management, CD Registers…

Pharmaself24 – Hub & Spoke

Vending machine collection robot for 24/7 prescription collections.

Methameasure & Cannabis Clinic

Edinpharm Partnered Supplier for Methadone Registers

EMT Labels & Dispensing

Edinpharm’s partnered supplier for all Dispensing Consumables. EMT also supply a range of Pharmacy Record Keeping Items and Alert Labels.

Our Suppliers

These are Edinpharm’s principle suppliers. However, we have relationships with many more pharmaceutical suppliers to cover all of our members’ requirements.

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