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Here’s what just a couple of our members say….

“Being a member of Edinpharm gives me the peace of mind that I will receive the products that I need, at a competitive price”

“Edinpharm simplifies the ordering process and allows me to maintain consistency across my branches, allowing me to focus my time on other areas of my business”

Below you can see some information on who we are and how we can potentially help you with running your pharmacy. If you’d like to download the full pdf of the below information, please click here, or on any of the pages.

If you’d like to view the full pdf in another browser, please click here …and if you’d like to speak to someone to find out more, or to join us, please complete the form here, email joinus@edinpharm.co.uk, or call us on 0131 441 3773. We’d love to chat to you.


Our Suppliers

These are Edinpharm’s principle suppliers. However, we have relationships with many more pharmaceutical suppliers to cover all of our members’ requirements.

What our members think