Videos & Presentations from our Edinpharm Member Event Held on 29th January 2022 Our suppliers gave presentations to our members at the event. Below you can find videos taken on the day, along with copies of the presentation aids used. MedPoint Download the presentation here or watch the recorded video below: Emis (Proscript) Watch the

All Pricing

Edinpharm tenders for a variety of discounts with our main suppliers every two years in July. Currently, Edinpharm offers the following: Pricelists Edinpharm currently has pricelists for the following categories (please click on the links for more information): Generics PIs High volume over the counter lines 01 Sept Edinpharm ZD & CD Please note from 3rd

Brand Support

Brand Support Edinpharm members also benefit from Numark Brand Support deals. These prices are provided to Edinpharm on a monthly basis by Phoenix and uploaded in our OMS. Where cheaper than products on the Edinpharm pricelist, the products will route to Phoenix. A rebate is applied to Brand Support products. This is not applied on

Flu Vaccines

Flu Vaccines UPDATE March 2022: Edinpharm will not be providing recommended or preferred pricing on Flu Vaccines for the 2022/23 season. The below information is collected from suppliers and is subject to change. Vaccine Pricing Alliance Aver Bestway Ethigen Numark AAH aQIV 65+ (Seqirus) £11.01 No No £10.55 AQIV(Fluad) No £11.45 No QIVc Flucelvax /

Posters and Stationery

Information on where to source stationery etc. can be found on the CPS website here: CPS Stationery resources & contacts Community Pharmacy Services by Patient Location Preview:  

Other Resources

Inspection preparation guide Four week delivery risk assessment Triaging pharmacist requests CBD oil guide CMS – patient assessment form Continuous cycling information for health care professionals   Webinars and Training Videos Click below to view a recording of our recent Webinar on Menopause.   View a recording of the Edinpharm AGM in October 2021:  

Dispensary Printables

Missed delivery printable Pharmacy first request template  

5. Stock Control

5. Stock Control 5.1. Stock procurement storage SOP 5.2. Date checking, stock rotation & temperature monitoring SOP 5.3. Stock order processing SOP 5.4. Specials guidance – 2020 ROA – Stock control SOPs Weekly date checking matrix

4. Delivery Service

Delivery Paperwork and Training: Controlled drug delivery record Delivery sheet Driver decision flow chart Driver training Failed delivery notice 4.1.1. Delivery to a patients home SOP 4.1.2. PDM Delivery to a patients Home SOP 4.1.3. Posting prescriptions policy – print and sign ROA – Delivery

3. Dispensing

3.1 Standard Dispensing 3.1.1. Taking in prescriptions SOP 3.1.2. PMR & labelling SOP 3.1.3. Selection & assembly SOP Pharmacist final check & bagging SOP ACT final check & bagging SOP 3.1.5. Clinical checking SOP 3.1.6. Handing out prescriptions SOP 3.1.7. Owings SOP 3.1.8. Private prescriptions SOP 3.1.9. Emergency supply SOP 3.1.10. Medicines information

Our Suppliers

These are Edinpharm’s principle suppliers. However, we have relationships with many more pharmaceutical suppliers to cover all of our members’ requirements.

What our members think